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Do you struggle with:

  • Membership Pricing?

  • Membership Leads?

  • Chamber Strategic Planning?

  • Telling Your Chamber Story?

  • Chamber of Commerce Revenue?

Services for Growing Chambers

Membership Tiers

Give your members choices and give your Chamber the unlimited upside it deserves. New revenue creates new enthusiasm for the good work your Chamber is doing in your region.

Membership Leads

Engage your future members from their very first visit to your website. Your web visitors take a business personality test and get a recommended pathway to grow with your Chamber.

Chamber Content

Drive membership leads to your website with our library of more than 350 articles crafted to help leaders lead and business grow. New articles in your inbox every Monday morning like clockwork.

Board Planning

Your board members have strengths. Align these strengths with Chamber On A Mission, a program that includes onsite facilitation of your annual board meeting, membership and board surveys.

"Kyle's strategies turned around sagging membership numbers and heightened our engagement. "

~ Tom Hoffert, CEO

Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

"Your ChamberThink Blueprint program and workbook helped me move our Chamber into the next level. We have more loyal members."

~ Susan Wan-Ross, CEO
Yorba Linda Chamber

"Kyle brought a lot of certainty to our Chamber. Revenues are up, and the conversations with our members are even better."

~Brad Meier, CEO

Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce

Memberships from ChamberThink Strategies

Chamber Content


Content creates community among your businesses who can't, won't or don't show up for your events and programs. Every Monday morning, Chamber Today will deliver to your inbox an article you can publish to help your leaders lead and businesses grow!

Membership Leads


Your Chamber deserves a simple and reliable way to sell more memberships online. Enjoin plugs into your existing website and captures leads for your staff. Know the instant a business is interested in joining your Chamber!

Chamber Coaching


Join your chamber peers from across North America for the industry's leading expert in chamber leadership and operations. This level includes tiers coaching, a chamber sales funnel and unlimited content publishing!

How It Works

1. Schedule a time to chat

It's easy to schedule time with Kyle to talk about your Chamber.

2. Get A Plan

Each Chamber begins their growth journey with the program that's right for them.

3. Grow Your Chamber

Getting past the endless search for the right words and stories that compel your business is an amazing feeling. And unlike your visual identity, the words that compel last forever. When you start with compelling content, you can focus on your mission.

You and your Chamber team deserve to be developed

Every person deserves a chance to learn, but developing people is time-consuming and expensive.

Because it’s difficult, most chambers don’t develop their people at all.

But how quickly could a chamber grow if every member of every team received a daily video teaching them how to grow their chamber? How strong would a chamber become if every member of every team received a daily dose of wisdom and inspiration?

Keynotes & Workshops

Kyle Sexton loves business. Kyle’s first business was selling dollar bills for two dollars each in sixth grade. In college, Kyle skipped his computer science classes to study and write business plans. He landed a summer job as a real estate apprentice for a developer who was willing to teach him everything he knew about business.

The son of a teacher and coach, Kyle now coaches and teaches people who want to transform their organization’s marketing from boring to booming, from scattered to aligned, and from noisy to powerful.

From the stage or your place of business, Kyle Sexton builds better businesses through marketing, pricing, copy writing and strategy.